GENERATION A by Douglas Coupland ~ Design and personalize your own Generation A cover
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GENERATION A by Douglas Coupland ~ Design and personalize your own Generation A cover
Customized Coupland

How do I customize my cover?

You can begin to customize your cover using the Customization toolbar on the right of the ‘Customize Your Coupland’ section. This is your checklist for all of the customization tools as your disposal. You can add your own text and personal messages on the front and back covers and choose from over 30 different colours to create hundreds of unique combinations.

Do I have to customize every section?
Yes, every section has to be completed in order for you to be able to save your design to the gallery or order your cover for delivery

How can I tell what my finished cover will look like?
You can access front, spread and back 3-D views of your customized design at any point during the design process by clicking on the ‘Viewpoint Options’ toolbar below the design template. You can go back to the main customization screen at any time by clicking on the ‘Customizer’ icon.

How do I know when the customization is complete?
The customization will be complete when every field in the customization toolbar turns white, and the SAVE button in the bottom-right-hand corner turns yellow.

Can I start over?
You can restart your customization at any time by clicking on the RESET tab at the bottom of the customization toolbar.

Can I save more than one of my designs to the gallery?
There is no limit to the number of different designs you can save to the user gallery but you can only create one design per session. To create another click the 'Reset' button.

I have saved my cover design to the gallery but it hasn’t appeared. Why is this?
Each cover submitted to the gallery is carefully moderated before being uploaded. Random House withholds the right to remove any image from the gallery at any time which it considers to be inappropriate for public viewing. Please view our Terms and Conditions.